Metal Years

1984 - Judas Priest - Defenders of the faith - Click here for the playlist

aLong with the following album, These two records were put on a blank cassette tape for me by a friend. Now, I'll be metal until I die

1984 - Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind

Not that This album was new, it was actually about two years old, but my soul was forever metal from this point forward. 

1984 - Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East -Click here for the Playlist

This was my first experience with checking out a band's back catalogue. I'm sure glad I bought this cassette from the Columbia House Record and Tape Club!

1984 - Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon - Click Here for playlist

Well, I guess freshman year of high school was pretty eventful. I Got this album in the same shipment as the Previous Judas Priest tape. My fondest memory of it is the freshman bus trip to Boston. I played this, and any other tapes that the class had, in the back of the bus on my boombox. Good times, Damn good times.

1984 - Iron Maiden - Powerslave

Here we have the fruits of my new found heavy metal obsession. Because I knew all about Maiden, this album was bought on the day of release in September. It is still one of my favorite Maiden albums of all time.  

1985 - Dio - Sacred Heart

This is a classic album that all of my friends and I were crazy about. My second concert experience ( this time with my boys ), and it was still one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen. Halfway through the show Ronnie battled with the giant mechanical dragon, and I lost my mind.  

1985 - Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell 

Again I was late to the party, but that's how it goes when you first find music. Too much has already happened, where do you start? My love of the latest Dio album led me to his older stuff. I found this album, along with the next, at a neighbor's yard sale for $1 each. It may still be the best bargain I've ever received. This was the first Sabbath Album I ever owned. Little did I know they created the whole genre of Heavy Metal.

1985 - AC/DC - For Those About To Rock -Click Here For Playlist

The second dollar album from my neighbor's yard sale. How do you sell your only copy of this all-time classic? It's beyond me. I still listen to it.