Vineyard Sound

1999 - Fugazi - Instrument 

I was introduced to Fugazi by my bachelor-pad roomie when I first moved to the island of Martha's Vineyard. We would listen to this album and play video games for hours. It is a great background music album and it opened my eyes to this legendary band just in time. I was obsessed with Fugazi and went on to acquire every bit of music I could from the band. I was lucky enough to see them at one of the final shows by the band. I wish that I had brought my camera, but I did get a copy of the show on CD.

2001 -Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Henry’s Dream –Click Here for Playlist

Even though it was released in 1992, I didn't discover Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds until 1999. My first exposure was through Henry Rollins' website which was selling copies of his poetry books. That led me to check out his music. I was crazy about him then, and I still am. He's dark, brooding, melodic, and dangerous. Truly homicide music. 

2001 -Troublemakers - Doubts and Convictions 

Another great Bachelor-pad album. This was given to me by my friend from France in thanks for letting him stay on our couch for a while. The samples and chill vibe struck an immediate chord with me. I eventually went to the south of France to visit the same friend and was able to catch a set by these guys before they disbanded. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.19.52 PM.png

2001 - Ike Reilly - Salesman and Racist – Click here for Playlist

This was a crazy find. I had been into Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds for years, and had finally gotten tickets to see them at the Orpheum in Boston. After much effort and planning, I got to the venue on the night of the show, only to find out the whole tour had been cancelled. It was about a month after 9/11 and it didn't even dawn on me how bad logistics would be for a big tour. Fortunately, my Concert compadre for the night decided to see what smaller acts we might be able to catch. We came in Mid-set in a half empty bar and were blown away by this master lyricist. His work has been a mainstay of my collection ever since.

2001 - PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories From the Sea

This was a surprise album for me, but I'm sure glad I stumbled into it. I'm not sure how I first heard of PJ, but maybe it was as Nick Cave's former flame. This particular record just brought New York City to life for me. 

On a rooftop in Brooklyn 
One in the morning 
Watching the lights flash 
In Manhattan 
I see five bridges 
The empire state building 
And you said something 
That I've never forgotten

2008 -The Streets - Everything is Borrowed – Click here for Playlist

I first found English Rap artist Mike Skinner from a mix CD that a customer gave me at a former job. It had a bunch of music that he happened to be into at the time. I loved the way that his songs were really little stories that, when put together, made a big story. I saw this CD in a record store, they used to have those you know, and the sticker on front promoted the return of storyline songs. I'm so glad I picked it up, as coming to terms with life was the theme and, of course, It was exactly what I needed to hear at that point in life.